The Rise of Succubi (And Sex Robots)

This video, from Terrance Popp, has given me a bit of perspective. I can see now that I have been behaving like a social justice warrior, or an overly concerned puritanical church lady. I went into detail about my problems with certain fetishes within the succubus community, namely pedophilia and incest, in this post. (The Crowd)

I still find these sexual dysfunctions to be revolting, but I’m better able to see how engaging in these activities with a succubus doesn’t necessarily lead to acting out those desires with human children or relatives. It’s akin to blaming violent video games for an increase in violent crime, when in reality, video games are providing a healthy outlet for the would-be active shooter.

In light of this sound perspective from Mr. Popp, I think it’s pretty fucked up that they banned child sex dolls in the UK. Now there’s a greater chance that actual children will be abused instead.

So I’m reneging on my past grievances with one caveat: I still think succubi and incubi come from a higher plane of existence than us, and therefore, we may find it difficult to comprehend how their culture actually works. Not without our own ideas and constructs influencing how we see them. What we might perceive as a sexual dysfunction likely has a sound justification at their level of consciousness. When it comes to figuring out how they operate, it’s like a game of horseshoes and hand grenades. And maybe we’re just not meant to know. (Yet.)

Moving on to the Guardian article addressed in the video: I can’t help but wonder if these same accusations being levied against sex robots may also be directed at the succubus phenomena one day. As more men begin to check out of traditional marriage roles, it’s likely that some of them will stumble upon an insatiable succubus in their quest for real companionship. I can’t wait to see THAT article from Jessica Valenti, bemoaning the rise of a competing species that’s willing to fulfill all the fantasies a man might have. (And how demons actually enjoy giving men what they want.)

What would these blowhard feminists have to complain about when all the men, the monsters they supposedly loathe and fear, have beautiful demon babes bouncing and sucking on their dicks every night? You’d think the rise of sex dolls and succubi would be cause for rejoicing. Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle, right?


10 thoughts on “The Rise of Succubi (And Sex Robots)

  1. There was a Livestream I watched from a favorite Education YouTuber I watch for fun. Someone brought of the question, “What are your thoughts on Lolis”. If you don’t know what Lolis are, they’re basically children in anime. I’m sure you know what anime is at this point. People tend to sexual them. So the YouTubers response was that he believed there was nothing really wrong with it. Since it would keep from actual children getting involved. Now on the sex robot and Succubi phenomenon. I have seen an increase in that interest. My guess is that human women now a days make it difficult to have a steady fulfilling relationship with them. And the feminist movement is doing little to help secure more satisfying relationships. I also see why’d all this would come weird to you. Don’t worry. This is all bizzare in the first place. Demons. Occult. Invisible lovers from a different plane. It’s all weird with us dude.


    • Thanks, John. I learned about Lolis not too long ago. And yeah, keep it in the cartoon world, and I won’t take the law into my own hands.

      It’s just that when I see people sexualizing children openly, it brings out a rage in me. I probably overreacted with the cartoon stuff, but I can’t not think of bashing a sicko’s skull with a wood-splitting maul if that kind of attention were directed at my nieces, for instance.

      I think feminism has actually introduced a rare opportunity for our society. The only problem is that men are still lagging behind with this 1950s traditionalist mindset, saddled with all the responsibilities that entails, and have yet to liberate themselves from those old burdens. Relationships, and the social contract in general, needs to be renegotiated from both sides; especially so we don’t keep churning out boatloads of delinquent children.

      I have no idea what society should do, and frankly, that debate does not fill me with worry. I refuse to shoulder that load. Some of the racial collectivists might accuse me of overindulging the fruits of a rich upbringing, but I am an individual, in the classical American sense of the word. My primary concerns are food, water, shelter, immediate family, free-time (not being a slave at work) and finding new ways to make Catherine even more wet. (Ergo, finding new ways for Catherine to shamelessly stroke my ego. lol)

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        • The direction of my life has been vastly altered because of Catherine’s presence. There is no doubt that she has influenced my thinking.

          You have to understand that I came from a church culture that is so cult-like, so all-encompassing that anyone who leaves is required to start their lives from scratch. It’s an all or nothing kind of religion. I would not have had the strength, nor the incentive, to leave that institution if it were not for Catherine.

          Not only does she influence my thinking, but I believe she has a measurable impact on other people’s thinking as well. She makes people more attracted to me. This can be both good and bad, as I’m not interested in the romantic attention, but it does help a great deal with diplomacy. My boss at work for instance, showers me with WAY too much praise and attention for what I believe is fairly standard work performance. Catherine has shown me specifically that she has him wrapped around her finger.


        • Hmm. That does make me wonder if mine have ever do such a thing. But I think I’m ok. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with religion very much. To me, it sounds like a real pain to have to go and alter that aspect or simply drop it all together.

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  2. i think the children sex dolls are horrible but people who suffer from the mental illness of their attractions to kids it could be a way to treat it in a proper medical study and if successful it could save countless kids from abuse some live with the illness and never hurt kids at all and try to fight their illness this could help em

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    • I think it’s only the intersectional “Third-Wave” feminists who want to hand out edicts from on high.

      My own mother has a fiercely independent nature, and like Margret Thatcher, she despises those women’s rights advocates who are constantly banging on about how victimized they are.

      “It’s not Women’s Lib, it’s Women’s LIP!” My mother often says.

      Truly strong women don’t need a political advocacy group to succeed in a world dominated by men. They just go out and achieve what they want and shrug off the social stigma levied against them. I’ve found that this is precisely how Lilith operates, both in myth, and demonstrated through my present day experiences with her.

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      • very true my grandmother was the same during the 50s to present day fierce independent woman she often called feminists lazy and with lilith oh god i see that. thats why after i evoked her the first time i was like wtf shes like my grandmother right down to attitude towards her children she often said i love you but it doesn’t mean i like you

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  3. I can see why. Trying to fix people’s problems is very hard. Let alone an entire countries. I’ve been learning how difficult it is to be the President of the United States. No matter what you do, say or what actions you take, not everyone will like you. Even candidates running for President get heavily criticized, and not even on what goals they have for the country, but what they look like and wear. I mean come on. It also disappoints me that we as American don’t all vote. Stupid reasons like, it takes too long to vote, I have to go drive there or oh I don’t wanna register in these five minutes we have. I would not wanna be President of this country. Ever. I’d lose my god damn mind.


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