Anti-Feminists and Trad-Thots

Ever since smart Western females awoke to the unsustainability of state-sanctioned feminism, a new batch of women’s voices began to cry out. This clarion call manifested as anti-feminism, the Men’s Rights Movement, and a return to traditionalism, or Alt-Right nationalism.

Here is what I think about these allegedly reformed women who claim to be speaking up for silent men:

They’re fucking liars. They’re cranks. Shysters. Snake-oil salesmen. They’re worse than the feminists.

At least the women who are openly feminist are honest about their nature, for that is what feminism does: It fully unveils female nature. Most men don’t like this and they’d rather women keep their animal-selves concealed under a veneer of traditionalism.

That is all this supposed return to traditionalist values is actually about. It’s a veneer, a front, and a last-gasp effort to regain control over male productivity. Men have been abandoning traditionalism in droves and Western governments are diligently searching for new ways to more fully ensnare their taxable human livestock.

I believe people like Karen Straughan (Anti-Feminism), Richard Spencer (Alt-Right), and Paul Elam (Men’s Rights) are all shills. I’ll bet that most of these would-be revolutionaries are on the government take, hoping to attract disenfranchised young men who have bowed out of the social contract. But even if they are not agents, they’re amplifying that soothing siren’s call nonetheless, beckoning men return to the plantation.


I’m not going to tell anyone who reads this what they should or should not do. I just know that I won’t be abandoning the path I’ve taken any time soon. I wake up nearly every day and marvel at how good it feels to be alive. I literally jump and giggle because of how elated I’ve become.

Why would I subject myself to the supposedly moral life of traditionalism while the wickedness of divorce and family courts goes unaddressed? These trad-thot women could care less about the men who lose everything in their failed marriages. Many men even lose their very lives, but there is no outcry; only, “Come back to the fold and, we promise, everything will be different this time!”

I’m talking about these cam-whores on YouTube, like Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Lauren Rose, Lana Lokteff, and many others. They’re sneaky frauds, playing it smart, hoping to ensnare more men and more meal tickets.

The sad thing is that I think they’ll be successful. There are so many men out there who are longing for that traditionalist dream; a kind of life that never really existed in the first place.


Yes, I have more respect for feminists than anti-feminists and “traditional” women. Even if the pink-haired sluts are fighting for values that can’t co-habitate with reality, at least they have transparency going for them.