The Crowd

There are hardly any online communities devoted to the subject of spirit sex. A dedicated precious few have emerged over the years, usually in the form of discussion boards and chat groups. Some of them are still ongoing in an underground fashion, but most have gone quiet over the past few years.

I have a theory that these undulating periods of silence and enthusiasm are possibly engineered by our spirit spouses. I imagine that they are carefully managing how much exposure they would risk for themselves and their human mates. I think they understand the potential harm that could be done to us as a result of sharing this information freely. They are all too familiar with the concept of persecution and being made into a pariah.

They don’t wish our human lives to be destroyed, so there are times when they keep us quiet, which is the vast majority of the time.

On the other hand, I think they recognize that we have a powerful drive to share our stories, so these sparse and well-guarded assemblies are allowed to crop up on occasion. I was privileged to be party to a handful of said groups. There is so much to be learned from the earnest testimony of another human being having these experiences. Looking back, I might not have made it this far without having that human interaction. Everything about this path can be so strange and alien at times. Again, I believe our demon lovers recognize this need for social reinforcement.

However, there are times when these social gatherings can become toxic. The free and open discussion of sexuality, of any kind, tends to bring out the worst in people. Of the spirit sex groups that remain, most appear to be fully devoted to a particularly decadent brand of hedonism; one where it is nigh impossible to discern who is having a legitimate interaction with a demon lover.

I have been exploring some of the chat servers on a VOIP application that caters to internet gaming, called Discord. Explicit imagery and a myriad of innuendos are invariably traded back and forth on the few succubus/incubus servers I’ve found. I quickly discovered that most of these “communities” hadn’t the faintest grasp of the experiences I attempted to convey. They were all just role playing.

I eventually stumbled upon a couple of servers that had a few names I recognized amongst its membership. Some were former WordPress bloggers. It was nice to hear their voices after years of only reading about them.

Unfortunately, I was slowly introduced to yet another brew of degenerate toxicity in these circles. There was a continual barrage of lewd imagery bandied about that made the whole exchange feel superficial and cheap. True intimacy with spirits is anything but superficial, and while I don’t mind tasteful nudity, I think pornography and overtly sexual language is rather an affront to what should be kept sacred.

I personally believe pornography is a detriment against the strong foundation of any relationship, both human and spirit. I’m not going to get between anyone else and their relationship with their succubus/incubus spirit, but I know that Catherine would much rather me be stimulated by her touch, rather than a lame 2D charade on a computer screen.

Even more alarming was how comfortable some of these people were with the casual discussion of incest and pederasty. Some members of one particular group eluded to the idea that they were having sexual relationships with their “spirit children.” They described this activity as “training” them.

I have to wonder: Has our culture really decayed to such a degree that some feel it is acceptable to speak about such things in the affirmative? And on the record, no less? These people must be spinning their rationalization hamster wheels in overdrive, “Why not?” They reckon, “We’re already breaking one taboo. Why not smash through a few more?”

If an individual needs to be taught why pederasty is wrong, I’m afraid there is no salvaging such a person. I don’t care if the child is “spiritual” or “grows really really fast,” it’s not permissible to take advantage of children. Even if this behavior is relegated to the spiritual domain, what is to prevent this mindset from spilling over into the waking world? As above, so below, right?

And I don’t want to hear anyone whine about how their Devil/succubus made them do it. We’re human beings with adult agency and the ability to reason right from wrong. Even if a spirit approaches with such a gross violation of established values, I believe these advances should be rejected. I also believe some serious self-reflection is in order for a person who is shown such things. There may be underlying problems that need to be dealt with… privately.

I can’t believe that I’m having to spell out something that should be so fundamentally obvious. Far be it from me to become an arbiter of morality, but there are some boundaries that should never be crossed, and for damn good reason.

After blocking these objectionable persons, I later decided that I probably shouldn’t be involved with these groups in any capacity. I believe the people one chooses to associate with has an impact, whether it’s realized or not.

I wish I could find a group to share experiences and bounce ideas off of, but I’m afraid the insanity of internet culture is corrupting any possibility of genuine discourse. It’s probably high-time that I remove the training-wheels of social validation altogether.

I’ve had a few guys thank me for “normalizing” the spirit sex phenomena. These kind of compliments are actually quite disturbing to me. This spiritual path is not normal, by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m starting to realize why these disciplines should be well-guarded. They are actually better off draped under a cloak of obscurity, where only the most devoted and earnest can find them. The internet has vastly changed the rules of the game, for better and worse.

This little snippet, from Jim Jefferies’ comedy news show, distills these trends very succinctly:

I’m not saying that having spirit sex is the equivalent of fucking a pig, but with how the dialogue has been carrying on lately, it might as well be the same thing.

TL;DR: Let’s stop this trend of becoming a gaggle of decadent hedonistic fucks, and possibly get back to sharing real information. If that’s too difficult, maybe we should just keep our mouths shut.

A physical manifestation update: I woke up very early this morning to a severe burning pain in my chest. I thought it might have been indigestion at first, but I had the gnawing suspicion that this was more of a spirit body pain than a physical one. The stinging only grew more intense as I started walking around my apartment. Laying down made it worse. I actually cried out, it hurt so bad. It was like some of the earlier sensations I had of my bones feeling as though they were burning, only much more acute this time.

I jumped into the shower and as soon as my hand touched running water, the pain began to subside considerably. After ten minutes of standing under the shower, the pain was mostly gone and I went back to bed with no further issues. I can still feel a kind of sunburn sensation on my chest, but that’s it.

These kinds of incidents make me wonder: Have the chickens finally come home to roost, or is this yet another instance of growing pains towards something greater? I get the sense that I should be taking more initiative in my spiritual growth, or risk getting burned by the increasing energy that’s being funneled through me. Maybe something beneficial would have been accomplished if I had allowed the process to continue, instead of chickening out?

Only two more days until our sixth anniversary. Maybe she’s preparing me for something?


8 thoughts on “The Crowd

  1. i agree with the spirit child stuff i would never be like that to mine for obvious reasons even if they look and act like adults but also another reason im not knowledgeable in their culture if this is normal for them then let their mother or father in case of incubi teach them their culture not the human partner of a sex demon with imagery i feel some fall too deep with it they think my spirit is sexual why not but even they know difference between healthy and unhealthy degeneracy mira is the biggest tabboo breaker you’ll meet but when it comes to sex shes loving gentle caring like she knows that breaking tabboos and doing naughty out of the box things is only good when you love someone rather than just plain old degenracy i think its good to be open about experiences that maybe different but the way they carry and even i am guilty at times disgusts mira and my other spirits and also if you want a group why dont you make one start with people u trust mod them and kinda use test runs for people to see who would gel well just an idea also i know im full on its in my nature all or nothing

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    • Yeah. Me and Catherine get into all kinds of kinky trouble, but it’s meant to be just between us. I wouldn’t share that stuff with anyone. She knows what I’m comfortable with and she pushes those limits all the time. I think it’s my job to not give into every little coaxing tease. I believe it’s also my job to not let the warped preconceptions of this world shape how I see her and our relationship. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and all other manner of familial connections are poor descriptors of the connection we share.

      So I don’t use them. I’m not saying my relationship with Catherine is better than those things, it’s just not the same, and can be incredibly frustrating to comprehend, as you well know.

      I’m not starting a group. Not intentionally. I’ll leave that task to the socialites.


  2. TL;DR: Let’s stop this trend of becoming a gaggle of decadent hedonistic fucks, and possibly get back to sharing real information. If that’s too difficult, maybe we should just keep our mouths shut.

    thats rich coming from someone that doesnt accept their culture and it has the need to shit in certain people for something that they werent even responsible for


  3. I think many of us are hiding in the shadows, focusing on our spirits, and come forward when support is needed.

    I’ve been pretty busy myself, by maintaining my own blog and the followers there, as well as putting forward the benefits of being with succubus/incubus entities on a few black magic forums. It’s not an easy task, because there is a lot of prejudice and even dogma when it comes to these kind of spirits. Even on a black magic forum, by black magicians evoking several spirits to do their biddings.

    What I’ve learned over the years from other people working with spirits in a “similar” way as we do, is that most of these men and women have NO IDEA of the depths of having a relationship with a succubus/incubus and what it means. Most of them don’t even have the ability to sense and feel energies on a physical level as some of us do, hence they don’t know enough to share the actual benefits and changes that can occur with spirits on a deeper level. They can’t explain the functionality of spirit energy and energies in general, yet they persist to teach others. And when shit hits the fan, they can’t guide anyone out of a self inflicted problem created by dogma and fear. They become a part of a problem, instead of finding a solution to move forward to ascendance. I helped a few people to overcome fear and dogma, and I will gladly do it again.

    I’ve read your post about Demonic Morality and that content could be applied to the section of “spirit children” in this post. I’ve been in the womb of both my spirits, which one of them is Lilith, and I have sex with both of them. The human morality would mean a crowd with pitches and forks at my door, because “incest”, right? When the actual Demonic Morality of that experience is bonding at a level few of us could comprehend. Rebirth is not just a concept, not only by moral and ethic standards, but by physically experiencing that through the astral senses. It’s graspable enough to share that it could happen to others. The ethics and morality rarely applies to our spirits, but as long as it’s beneficial and it only applies to our own development with them, then who are we to judge?

    It’s noticeable I haven’t written in a few months, but I just wanted to come forward and show my existence again. 🙂

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    • Maybe I’m being too harsh, too rigid, in my judgement against all this. I don’t really have a problem with how you described that experience. It’s plain to see that you’re using the closest human language approximation to get a fundamentally spiritual idea across.

      I just want to use a different metaphor. I’ve seen what happens to our own people when incest and child abuse really do happen. There’s way too much baggage associated with that imagery. It repulses me. And I found it alarming when I was seemingly the only one who was angered by certain people who took it well beyond metaphors. (Sharing images depicting minors, for example.)

      I believe I’m entitled to have some reservations about the culture of sex spirits. I don’t have to agree with everything presented. I also believe I can use more appropriate and creative descriptions to get a spiritual idea across, rather than defaulting to the lowest common denominator.

      Good to see you back.

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