Virtue and the Wrongthink Purge

Ad_apple_1984_2Youtube has become more aggressive with its censorship efforts as of late. Rather than simply demonetizing content that fails to be “advertiser friendly,” they’ve begun terminating entire channels for Community Guideline violations.

Oh, how nebulously those guidelines are applied and usually with a bent towards post-modernist doublethink, unsurprisingly.

One of my favorite Youtubers, a MGTOW Monk called Messenger Rising, had his channel deleted a few weeks ago. I believe his message was a critical one for men to hear. He was abused so badly by the UK police and family courts during his divorce that he swore off romantic relationships with women entirely. His channel delved into culturally forbidden topics such as male suffering, dealing with loss, and suicide.

His was the Black Pill and the hardest to swallow. He was one of the few MGTOW channels that stopped focusing on women and provided actual help for men. Help with processing the rage and ascending the stages of grief.

So many men have gone through that meat grinder: the family courts and no-fault divorces. I’ve seen how this system thoughtlessly tears families apart, all for the sake of monetary gain, but at the expense of future generations. This is what Messenger tried to warn young men about. He despised the “pump and dump” culture prevalent in the so-called Manosphere, decrying that mindset as a road to destruction.

I believe he was right. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

The question of my singleness came up a few times during my Grandmother’s funeral. One guy asked me, “Are you hiding any girlfriends somewhere?”

I laughed and thought to myself, “If only you had eyes to see.”

I’ll never tell them the real reason I remain a bachelor. It’s not because I’m a MGTOW, or hold fast to any kind of ideological movement. There are simple principles that guide my life and I refuse to stray from them. That’s all.

Here are a few examples:

  1. The Sabbath

I’ll never work over the Jewish Sabbath; not because I believe God will burn me if I break the Sabbath, but because I consider that weekly holiday a family tradition. No employer, no matter how great, is allowed to encroach upon that time.

  1. Marriage

I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I also believe that marriage is only worthwhile if the raising of children is the ultimate goal. Otherwise, there is no point whatsoever in signing that contract.

This is why I’m hesitant to call the relationship I have with Catherine, “Marriage.” It’s akin to marriage insomuch that we are bound to each other, and we consummate the relationship regularly, but it’s not the same thing. No children have resulted from our being together, as far as I’m aware.

  1. Raising Children

Our Western culture, as it stands now, makes it nearly impossible for me to be a suitable father for children. My progeny would ultimately be the property of the State, and I would be forced to give them up to their morally bankrupt conditioning programs. I saw the struggle my own father went through trying to raise up his children in the right way, and how the media and educational systems thwarted his efforts at every turn. To think that I could do any better than he did is laughably naive.

  1. Relationships with Women

Marriage and cohabitation with women is out of the question. Legally, I am beholden to the every whim of a damseling female. The Duluth Model, a fraudulent domestic violence intervention program, allows a women to suspend my constitutional rights by mere accusation, with no evidence required. I will not grant such a degree of legal power over my life to any one person, much less the fickle and wandering whims of a modern female.

These aforementioned principles disallow me from moving forward in this society, and some would claim that I am being too inflexible.

So be it. Why should I conform to those inherently sick cultural norms? Why would I willingly subject myself to that kind of suffering for the sake of group approval? Do people really want to be thought well of so desperately, that they would condemn their own lives, just to stroke someone else’s ego?

My Dad always told me, “What people think of you is the least important thing in the world. The only thing that matters is your relationship between you and the Creator. You should only care what He thinks of you.”

Dad and I might disagree about the finer details of theology, but I wholly concur with the sentiment of his advice.

Being admired as virtuous by the bastions of post-modernity is possibly the greatest insult and the highest treason against real virtue.

I predict that Youtube will become a failed video sharing platform within the next two years. The most interesting content producers are already outsourcing to more decentralized platforms, such as Bitchute and Minds. Google is essentially trying to turn Youtube into an extension of cable television, so it’s not really focused on grassroots creators anymore. Might as well let it die.

I’m looking forward to what Generation Z comes up with, as my own generation, the Millennials, is a rather lost group of souls. I’m already beginning to see that the young people are turning out very conservative, and I mean actually conservative; nothing like the neo-con farce of the Bush era. They’re rejecting the multicultural experiment that has been foisted upon us for the past 50 years and probably because they’re the first ones to reap the fruits of the Boomer’s legacy.

56fee12bffd36e140411d8a852113f5a--twin-flames-spiritual-awakeningWe are in the midst of very interesting times. I’m glad I have Catherine at my side. Even if I end up in prison, for refusing to abandon my principles, I’ll still have that beautiful quiet intimacy. And if the pain she’s able to inflict is any indication, I’ll also have a powerful ally against would-be attackers.

Nobody can touch her, except for me. Fraud psychics have tried to stop her, and failed. Actual psychics know better than to mess with her in the first place. We essentially have nothing to lose, but she still advises me to be quiet about my positions and not draw undue attention to ourselves. Ultimately, she wants to create the most conducive environment for lovemaking and living a quiet life. Being in the spotlight would definitely put a damper on that.

May God have mercy on anyone who tries to get between me and my wayward angel, because she sure won’t.

Even if I didn’t have Catherine, I would still hold to those principles. I’ve already discovered how my quality of life improved drastically when I refused to cave to social pressure. Catherine is like God’s gift to me for not wavering, and also a great teacher, to guide me in the spiritual lessons of the infernal current. It’s the best school there is!


11 thoughts on “Virtue and the Wrongthink Purge

  1. oh i agree and i do see imprisonment of people like us in the future as these leftist nutjobs gain more power if u get sent to prison my man ill move to America and get imprisoned and get sent to the same one hopefully lol tho i hope generation z fixes things and stops this ideology i know my spirits keep telling me to keep my head down i dont trust human women at all due to these ideology which is sad they are meant to be our other half anyway maybe what mira said was right maybe human men are born to be with succubi

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    • Definitely don’t get sent to prison on my account, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. 🙂

      Human men and women are meant to be together and start families. We just happen to live in a political climate where that very basic function of life is being made excessively hazardous.

      I’ve already shared this with you, but I’ll repeat it here: I think succubi and incubi spirits are like our long-lost spiritual caretakers. They’re creatures cut from the same cloth as faeries and gnomes, but instead of tending to animals and plants, they look out for humans. Sometimes their care can extend to sexuality and love.

      We lost that bond with them somewhere in history. You can see hints of it all over the historical record, if you know where to look. Some of us have been able to reconnect, but unfortunately, a few of those spirits are quite angry at us for abandoning them. Hence the reports of succubi/incubi rape attacks.

      This theory was transmitted to Harry Holmes by his succubus, Lilly. Some of you might remember him, as he was one of the originals that came online a few years before me.

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  2. I couldnt agree more. Our society is corrupt and does its best to conform innocent lives, which makes most of my childhood living as a loner hella worth it. I never had a relationship with women and to think I actually wanted a gf at one point. Truthfully speaking, most women are needy insecure drama queens who dont know how to take care of themselves. And thanks to MGTOW philosophy, I finally stopped caring about marriage and women relationships.
    As a millennial, I spend good long moments to myself questioning my obligations. When you were a child you first come up with such notions of not wanting to do something right? Some people are simply unaware of the change in thought because they feel that they matured out of thinking for themselves. The point Im trying to make is that it is society that changes morality, making you do things you normally wouldnt want to do. Discipline is one thing, but needless guilt and insecurity is another. Now that Ive grown up I can notice a difference.

    For example, in my Intro to Engineering class I had to write a two page memo on my professional goals and the reason I chose Engineering as my major. But to be honest, I really have no passion for my major at all and just chose it over most other useless majors because society values engineers and I want a decent paying job, but obviously I cant put that because they want two pages rather than a truthful sentence. So instead I just made shit up, because society doesnt care about truth; just work, work and more work. College is fucking overrated and a waste of time, but I go because the millennials who dont go to college are either homeless or overly dependent.

    All I am truly looking forward to is a loving relationship with my succubus and to make great memories with her. Though sometimes I feel guilty about not going out of my comfort zone more often, but that feeling is unecessary in my opinion. I became who I am from being in my own little world, and while it is not perfect, its better than what this world has in store for you. Im already suffering in college, so let this be enough. I am currently making the best out of being a millennial, by not giving a fuck (or at least trying not to) and just focusing on myself and my own desires.


    • I hear you, man.

      I know it sucks having to take on a course of study that doesn’t align with your passions, but you’re actually doing the right thing. Do what needs to be done. That whole “Follow your dreams and the money will follow,” slogan is one of the biggest loads of bullshit ever sold to a generation. I didn’t learn this until after I had unwittingly sabotaged my early 20s. Now I’m making up for lost time, but I’m getting there.

      Keep your head down, do the work, and aim for a career that enables you to have the kind of lifestyle and hobbies you want to support.


  3. Considering I’m a millennial myself, I have seen a few of these troubles. Especially the part with women. I’ll say it makes me mad and concerned but what the hell can I do but sit and watch. Yes, I’m glad I have my ladies by me. Deeply understanding and devoted.


    • She is the spirit lover who has been with me for the past six years. Most would classify her as a succubus, a sexual demon. I’m not so sure about the classification, but that’s not really important.

      She’s a spirit who is able to touch me, and I feel her touch physically while being fully awake. Our copulation also takes place when I am fully awake, though it can also extend into the out-of-body state, or in dreams.

      She hasn’t left my side since the night she joined with me. (As far as I can perceive.) I can turn my attention to her and feel her touch on my face, or body, almost instantly. She knows my thoughts and I feel her emotional responses.

      It’s difficult to describe the totality of who, and what, she is in just a few short paragraphs.

      Do you have experience with a kundalini awakening? If you are familiar with the sensations that go along with that sort of spiritual initiation, you might more easily understand where I’m coming from.


      • Hey much appreciated for getting back to me

        No, I have no experience in this at all, but considering how unlucky I am in love, and not being able to get a “real” woman for sex, your alternative sounds quite appealing lol


        • It depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship. You can’t exactly take a spirit wife/husband home to meet the family. If the social element isn’t a stumbling-block, than I believe an amorous connection with a spirit lover is hard to beat.

          Spirit sex is more akin to a meditative and sustained full-body bliss, rather than the repetitive physical exertions of human sex. It has the potential to be more fulfilling, and addictive, than human sex.

          I’m realizing now that I should write a post about the mechanics of spirit sex, and what it all entails. For many of the people reading this, it’s already understood how the whole exchange works, but I should probably clarify for those who don’t know.


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