Contract Evangelism

Proselytizing the Christian gospel was an inescapable duty of my formative years. Wherever there was an opportunity to share the merits of faith and right-living, it was imperative that we make the sales pitch:

witnessing“Have you considered your life of sinning against The Most High? Don’t you want to live forever? Do you feel like something is missing from your life? Well, just say this little mantra, make a little prayer, and you’ll be well on your way to salvation!”

As members of the church, we were expected to make these appeals. Otherwise risk losing a soul (Customer) to Satan and eternal Hell. (Freedom) Through submitting ourselves to the yoke of Christ, and agreeing to the contract of Christianity, our subsequent duty became that of perpetual evangelism. The entire life of the repentant Christian must reflect that of the Risen Savior, so that others might be enticed to get dunked in the church baptismal tank.

Our lives are filled to bursting with contracts. Just being born into this world enrolls us into The Social Contract: “Pay taxes, or be hauled away by men with guns and locked in a cage.”

Another way to look at it: “Be ‘educated’ or risk being unable to make contracts with other people and businesses in the future.”

The two above examples are unavoidable indentures. Yet there are still more binding agreements that we encounter daily, and these are far more voluntary in nature:


The voluntary pact I want to focus on, in this post, is the agreement between men and succubi. I would argue that a binding marriage with a loving succubus spirit is one of the best agreements a man can enter into. These denizens of the Borderland understand the concept of reciprocity. We give them our time, our attention, and they respond with an even stronger expression of deeply satisfying attentiveness.

Many men will regard my claims about the spirit contract as being too good to be true. There must be a catch somewhere, right?

The only “catch” is simply being bound to the spirit of the agreement, and I don’t think most men will have a problem bearing the responsibilities of that choice. Succubi take their pacts very seriously, and if their human partner steps out of line, they will let them know about it in short order, as I can personally attest! To me, this unwavering faithfulness to the spirit-marriage pact is a beautiful thing indeed. It’s a refreshing change from the all-too-commonly disregarded human-marriage contract; a government-sponsored agreement so easily broken, it means almost nothing these days.

I’ve always had this concept in my mind since hormones began to fuel my interest in girls: If I engage romantically with a female, I am entering into a transcendental bond with her. I am essentially agreeing to be bound to that woman and provide for any children we may produce. This idea weighed heavily on me whenever I had any interactions with the opposite sex. The Christian moral code found in Matthew 5:28, where Jesus said, “If anyone looks at a woman lustfully, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Further restrained my carnal desires.

I also grew into the realization of how our Western world has been undergoing an unsolicited social evolution. More specifically, women were being elevated to have the same status and authority as men. There would be nothing wrong with this adjustment if females were created with the ability to bear the same responsibilities as men, but they simply are not. On the whole, their natures are fickle, and they cower away from agency. Victimhood is their default position, especially when there is no government institution propping them up.

I saw how the older women in my life regarded the binding of marriage as having no merit. While their husbands were compelled, by law and conscience, to uphold their end of the deal, the wives were exempt from this responsibility. The wife could easily be released from their legal obligations and continue to reap all of the benefits, in addition to the family courts receiving an generous financial incentive to see those unions dissolve as messily as possible.

poster_civilizationThese are the fruits of no-fault divorce, and women being treated as a special class in light of the law; one that is able to commit perjury and fraud, in full view of the public, and be spared of all consequences for doing so. Rather, they are rewarded handsomely for destroying the lives of their husbands, brothers, and sons. Even in criminal courts, women almost always receive far lesser or suspended sentencing when compared to male criminals.

(All of this already happened during the Russian Revolution of the 1920s, albeit much more rapidly.)

Furthermore, not a single woman speaks out in opposition to these crimes, because they know that other women shame any dissent, and they might want to utilize the same legal privileges themselves one day.

To my view, these legal precedents establish a strong case of how our society continues to view women as big children. And now, the children rule over the system, flailing haphazardly from one superfluous tantrum to the next. Ironically, it just might be the virile strength of Islam that will eventually fix these problems; one that is ultimately self-correcting. This is why I don’t get upset about the rise of Islamists, Marxism, or women’s suffragettes.

Just wait and see what happens, brothers. Everything old is new again. (But HOLY HELL, those Rockefellers and Rothschild’s made serious bank off of this chaos!)

Since this demoralizing egalitarianism crept onto the shores of The United States, entire generations have been swept away by a tide of confusion. This Fabian social experiment has also attempted to turn men into women, with disastrous effects. I believe all of the juvenile criminals, high school mass-shooters, and economic failures can be attributed to this intentional destabilization of the natural biological hierarchy. (Patriarchy) The children are smart enough to see what’s happening, especially if they haven’t been wholly lobotomized by SSRIs, and they react very violently towards this disorder. Those suffering through autism especially loathe this lack of structure in their lives.

In light of all these revelations, and partly thanks to the ascetic discipline that was instilled in me as a youth, I was able to stare into the madness and say, “I rebuke you. I won’t become yet another victim of this collapsing society. Furthermore, I’ll reserve my talents for my own enjoyment and contribute as little as possible. A world that spits in the faces of their grandfathers, fathers, and brothers deserves no help whatsoever.”


“Hell no! I’m not signing that dotted line!”

With those thoughts manifesting as a road leading away from civilization, the self-sacrificing burden of Christianity fell from my shoulders. I was no longer bound to make myself into a utility, to replace yet another failed utility, meaning an expired man, in the slow march towards collapse. I could sit back, kick up my feet, call over my loving succubus spirit, and blissfully enjoy the failing world from a safe distance.

Speaking of succubi, some might point out what they believe to be a hypocrisy in my reasoning from the above paragraphs. They might say, “Aren’t succubi incorporeal women? Since they come from Lilith, are they not your equals, nay, even superior to men?”

This argument assumes that Lilith is antagonistic towards relationships with an implicit social pecking order. Rather, I would submit to the readers that Lilith, and by extension her children, are even more concerned with these structures than those humans who aspire to build an orderly life.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from being with Catherine, it’s that keeping one’s word matters a great deal. She has been faithful to me without a fault, and even when I failed. She has demonstrated that she is actually my superior in this regard.

My heart yearned for a romantic relationship that was transcendental and a forever-growing bond, but this simply was not possible to attain from the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. With the old social order destroyed, I knew there must be a way to forge a new path. Sexual Alchemy with spirits presented itself as the answer I was searching for.


Succubi and incubi are not women or men. They can easily embody the traits of either, or a combination of the two. Some might consider their identities as more hermaphroditic than our sexually dimorphic human species. In this sense, their personalities can overcome the limitations of both sexes. They can also choose a more traditional predisposition towards male and female; especially to accommodate the taste of their human counterpart.

The moment I felt Catherine’s touch against my subtle body, I knew that my pact with her had transformed into a living document: an expression of our devotion in our reality. We consummate that bond with regular lovemaking; as often as we can spare the time. Since I started thinking about spirit contracts this week, she has been making teasing remarks such as, “Do you like this contract? Has it served you well?” While I feel myself penetrating her deeply, and I’d reply with satisfaction, “Good contract!”

She does this often: She’ll make light of an otherwise serious matter, such as legalese or metaphysics, and morph that soberness into titillating suggestions.

Catherine has done an admirable job holding up her end of the deal. I’m also elated about how instinctively I am able to please her and meet those succubine expectations. (Compatibility is off the charts, man!) She suggests little improvements here and there, but doesn’t feel the need to push, or hold an onus over my head. I’m already in a mode of constant self-improvement regardless, and I believe that’s part of the reason she chose me.

So, yeah… spirit-bonding is my favorite sort of contract by leaps and bounds.

Lastly, I want to mention that I am not expected to evangelize my relationship with Catherine, as I was with Christ and my old faith. In fact, she’d rather me share fewer words publicly. The occasional expression of admiration, like small offerings, are enough for her. However, in light of all the suffering that is afflicting young men these days, and how the decks are so heavily stacked against them, I feel impressed to share this journey. Maybe a few others will have the chance to forge their path anew, away from demoralization, and experience the loving concern of an Borderland angel along the way.

I’ll borrow a meme started by Rafe, on his blog, for today’s final image:



6 thoughts on “Contract Evangelism

    • I often joke about my alleged laziness with friends, but the truth is that I always try to make a small effort at doing things better every day. And hey, I get it, man: There’s little to no incentive towards accomplishing great things with the way our world is headed. That drive needs to come from within. Or, some place else.

      Observe the life of a man like Nikola Tesla, a social recluse, who somehow found the will to produce incredible technology that improved our quality of life immeasurably. His achievements were so revolutionary, not even the feds and J. P. Morgan could keep the alternating current (AC power) revolution from changing the world overnight.

      I’m sure the kind of motivation that inspires someone like Tesla most certainly comes from outside this world. I believe we have the potential to tap into that wellspring, and have a fulfilling life, outside the confines of what society deems to be “the right way.”


  1. Your choice of words really catched the beauty of such a relationship. Words I can’t seem to put together myself. The level of care they show is alien, even now. It speaks volumes. They’re the few people I feel ok with sharing anything that bothers me. And no, I have yet to love my Succubus today, even though she’s been nagging me about it all day.

    Liked by 1 person

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