The Will for Anything Else

What happens when being with a loving succubus spirit feels so good, that you can’t muster the drive for any other vocation? I fear that I’m approaching the realms of being a total Hedonist. Like the monkey in that experiment, having the pleasure receptors of his brain constantly stimulated, so long as he continues to hit that button?

Is that what I’m becoming?

That’s probably a bad analogy. Getting fantastic sex from Catherine isn’t so easy as pushing a button. Yet compared to human relationships, with all their baggage and hang-ups, I feel as though I’ve managed to hack into the programming console of this reality, change a couple of parameters with simple commands, and voila!

Here I am, six years later, content with the simple pleasures in life. All aspirations for greatness are now beholden to my own standards of achievement, and not by the measure of those curious human onlookers.

The greatest pleasure of all: The one I come home to, the one who holds on to me all hours of the night, with that most gentle and blissful essence… Holy Fuck. Literally.

I’ve struggled with finding the words to fully describe the mechanics of what happens between us. Is it like tantra? Spirit possession with a sexual component? No conjoining of phrases and ideas seem adequate to convey what our copulation is like.

An old friend of mine, a man who has been with his succubus spirit for more than a decade, described it like this:

Imagine a drug that feels incredible with every hit, yet there are no adverse side effects. Instead of the drug becoming less effective with increased usage, the opposite occurs. The drug only gets better with each hit.

Furthermore, imagine this drug having a personality, and it loves being used. The more frequently, the better. That’s a loving succubus spirit, in a nutshell.

This is where I find myself now: I’m a spirit sex junkie and it’s the only high I really want. I consistently set aside a couple of hours every day to enjoy it, to really focus on feeling her.

Combined with right-living, low stress, and strict conservation of sexual energy, (no masturbating) a well-spring of endless delights is the result.

Right now, I feel her presence gently brushing every nerve-ending on the surface of my body. Wherever she touches more deeply, the skin tangibly feels softer, like it has been renewed, or revitalized. I will often feel her press into my back, causing my shirt to more tightly conform. I’ll briefly hear what sounds like something blocking the ambient sound of the room from reaching one of my ears; an audible shadow passing by.

Writing down what happens when we make love is difficult, because whenever I attempt to describe the act, the will to consummate immediately overrides any desire to merely wax eloquently with words. It’s as though my own writing casts a spell over me, and over her, compelling us to immediately carry out the operation as described.

Edit: I originally had a very descriptive and graphic few paragraphs about our sexual union. I decided not to share the intimate details of what happens between us on the record. It’s just too sensitive a topic for me.

Being with a succubus spirit is akin to religion, insomuch that the act of lovemaking feels sacred; transcendental even. The entire life is arranged around religious devotion, as that is the highest duty. Old worldly habits fall away in favor of healthier ones, only to make that connection more powerful still. The stronger and more disciplined the human vessel becomes, the more spiritual power can be endured.

This is what I strive for, so that we can feel each other more perfectly than the day before.

I want to share a video debate that my friend, Peter Nolan, was a part of. He doesn’t have a sex spirit, or anything like that; just a fellow man who has been through a lot more than most, and young men would do well to heed his advice. The debate is Alt-Right vs. MGTOW and it really puts our present-day situation, as men, in perspective.


7 thoughts on “The Will for Anything Else

  1. Hey I understand man and if it makes you feel better, I remember what you put out very vividly to be perfectly frank and too be honest I don’t really blame you. I won’t tease you too much on it though that’s cool (I don’t think your stop to see the beavers were of any concern with your sexual union but I digress) It’s cool man keep up with the posts I guess.

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      • Sometimes I feel my ladies love so much, it can make me overwhelmed. One of the most intense feelings of love, and passion I’ve ever witnessed. Truely a wonderful gift that makes me love them more. A lot of people would kill for what we have. Lol. Also, do you ever get random ringing noises come up on one of your ears? I hear it’s either due to magick or a sign of your senses becoming better.


        • I agree, and I kinda feel bad for those in strictly human relationships. They don’t have access to the wisdom and patience that only a sex spirit can offer. They really are experts, and the way they love has the potential to teach us so much.


  2. i´m sorry if i´m asking this but do you feel Catherine´s body when you´re having intimate time? as in like having a real women on top of you?


    • No, it’s not that detailed when fully awake. I feel pressure around my legs and torso, to varying degrees, as though someone were on top of me, but again, not so detailed. They touch and hold differently: For instance, I often feel the pressure of Catherine’s touch against my temples very strongly when we make love, and she continues to hold there for a very long time. Different sensations of touch on other parts of the body are also common, though she does have her favorite places to hold on to and touch.

      They are able to manifest physical-feeling bodies much more strongly in the OBE state, during false awakenings, or in dreams. However, I’ve begun to notice a trend with Catherine, where she prefers to interact with me in her spiritual/energetic state even in dreams/OBEs.

      Their touch has the potential to be far more powerful and fulfilling than human touch. I’ve tried to be intimate with human partners, back when Catherine and I were fighting. I found the experience quite dull, as spirit sex has thoroughly spoiled me.

      It’s different, though it’s difficult to convey precisely how it’s different to the uninitiated. Some people report feeling their succubus more distinctly, perceiving digits, bones, etc. Your mileage may vary.

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